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BellaLuna is a Vancouver-based theatre company that creates physical, comic, socially poignant theatre. Drawing inspiration from current and historical events and with a performance style informed by the traditional masked Italian theatre of Commedia Dell' Arte, our mandate is to produce entertaining work that transcends language barriers and challenges the audience to engage in the performance.


March 31st, 2016



MARCH 31, 2016 from 5:15 PM - Penthouse of Thea Koerner House – 6371 Crescent Road UBC (near the Frederic Wood Theatre)

A brief medley of works found in translation with and by BellaLuna and friends, famous or otherwise!

STARRING Susan Bertoia, Stefano Giulianetti, John Emmet Tracy and Diego Bastianutti 

SHOW HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE  •    Poems: Ungaretti (in Italian –English – Spanish); Attilio Carminati (in dialetto Veneziano – Italian); Irving Layton (in English and Italian) •    Futurist Sintesi: Filippo T. Marinetti… •    Theatre Play Excerpts: Dario Fo; Lucia Frangioni (in Friulan – English) •     PLUS Original Pieces devised, written and performed by the Ensemble and much more….

This event is FREE and open to the public but they must register. More INFO:

About the conference:

Regional Identities on a Global Scale: Translation, Audiences, Reception

This 3 all-day (March 31, April 1, 2) event brings together experts in a variety of disciplines (Literary Studies, Theatre, Film, Opera), professional translators, artists and publishers. The objective is to highlight the role of translators as cross-cultural mediators, and to underline the power dynamics at play when regional representations circulate beyond national and linguistic boundaries.




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Famous Commedia Proverb: "A Company That Eats Together, Stays Together"